There's a crafty way to have period sex without the mess. But is it safe?

When it comes to periods, sex, and the intersection of both, women fall cleanly (or, ahem, not so cleanly) into three separate categories: those who do, those who don’t, and those who see red at even the thought.

So for those erring on the side of no-thanks-not-interested, a new article on Lifehacker suggests period sex is as easy as throwing a sponge or two up there and going on your way.

Because… sure?

This, from the piece:

For those who prefer mess-free sex, what you need is a makeup sponge. If you would like to have bloodless oral, digital, and penetrative sex during your period, cosmetic wedges might just change your life.

Just insert one (or two, if you’re attempting day-one period sex) up to your cervix and you should be good for a couple of hours.

Understandably, commenters had a few bloody questions about the safety in  throwing any old makeup sponge up your cervix as a means of having a grand old time, so Lifehacker then checked in with a gynaecologist, updating their original article:

Dr. Lanalee Sam of Elite Ob/Gyn told us that while the lack of string on a sponge does indeed make it more difficult to fish out of a vagina, “makeup applicators and sea sponges aren’t particularly better or worse than a tampon.”

However, Dr. Jen Gunter, a well-recognised gynaecologist, disagrees with that premise, writing on her blog she “advise[s] against using make-up and sea sponges vaginally”.

Image: Getty.

In her piece, Dr. Gunter uses the example of Rely - a brand of tampons once sold on the market that were made of "polyester foam cubes and chips" - which saw cases of TSS skyrocket while on the market.

"Lifehacker suggests sea sponges without informing the reader that a study from 1982 found users of sea sponges for menstruation were significantly more likely to test positive for Staph aureus (the bacteria that produces the toxin that causes TSS) during menstruation than those using tampons.

"It is not a 'hack' to suggest women use make-up sponges or sea sponges for their period it is a gross disregard of the evidence that is currently available and a disservice to women. It is incorrect to say tampons are 'no big deal' when the FDA requires extensive data regarding product safety," she wrote.

A man has invented a solution to women's periods. Because of course!

So, while the experts can't seem to agree, we suggest you consult your doctor or personal gyno before using your makeup sponges for anything, you know, other than makeup.