'I'm a beauty writer. Here are the 5 changes I've made to my makeup routine in my 40s.’

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Like most things in life, my beauty and makeup routines definitely changed once I hit my 40s. It has evolved (and hopefully so have I). 

While I have noticed some changes here and there, my skin is doing pretty well. But – and it's a big one – I am way more discerning about the quality of my makeup these days. The one small criteria has turned into a lengthy one, and now, I demand products that are going to work hard for me.

My days are busy and time is of the essence, so I rely on multi-purpose makeup products that will take care of my skin (and give it that much-needed boost), along with some tricks that I’ve fine-tuned along the way.

In the spirit of sharing the knowledge, here are the five changes I made to makeup routine in my 40s. 

Less is more.

Confidence is one of the perks of being a 40-something woman, and these have been my best years for truly knowing who I am and understanding my own identity at a deeper level. 

In your 40s there is a sense of, “this is me – take or leave it” and with that comes clarity about what I do and don’t need. Decision making becomes a simple process. For example, I’ve made the decision to invest in my kind of self-care: skincare and makeup. I’ve also made the decision to learn more about the science of these products and which ingredients to prioritise.

My bathroom cabinet brings me great joy, and it is a shrine to all that I’ve tried, tested and ultimately curated. It is a tight edit of both skincare and makeup because I know exactly what I need and which products will give me visible results. I make everything work efficiently and effectively for me. The new breed of hybrid skincare and makeup has been a game changer for me.


Skin comes first.

One of the major changes to my beauty routine is understanding how critical it is to prepare and care for my skin so that when I apply my makeup, it has a smooth and luminous finish. I’ve found that even skin tone, smooth texture and hydration are the trinity for my skin looking fresh and vibrant in my 40s.

However, I don’t want a lot of steps and numerous products. I’m just too busy and it’s not sustainable on a daily basis. The answer for me has been fewer products so that I can maintain the routine every day. Having healthy, hydrated skin is definitely a long game and consistency is key, so if I can get my makeup to work hard for me then I am here for it. My MVP ingredients in my new decade have been hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. Both are proven powerhouses for keeping my skin looking radiant and preventing further damage.

If I can get the benefits of these skincare ingredients from my makeup, then this is a game-changer. I’ve found the holy grail of skincare-plus-makeup and it's the MaxFactor Miracle Pure Skin Improving Foundation, which is infused with a whopping 89 per cent of skincare ingredients.

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The sophisticated hybrid formula follows through on its promise and improves the quality and luminosity of my skin in the first minute. The hyaluronic acid plumps up my mature skin and the provided 24 hours hydration makes sure my skin looks its best throughout the day. It also enhances firmness and elasticity, and ticks all the boxes for what I prioritise in a foundation nowadays.

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Hydrating concealer.

One of the challenges of applying makeup in my 40s is that I want to use concealer more than ever, but what used to work for me is now too dry and cakey. 

This is where I swapped in a more advanced, hydrating formula that conceals effectively without sinking into my lines. MaxFactor's new Miracle Pure Concealer has honestly mastered this with such a lightweight formula, containing hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and peptides.

Hooded eyelids.

My signature eye look has always been a cat eye with black liquid liner. One of the biggest adjustments I’ve had to make is with my eye makeup as my lids are becoming increasingly more hooded and my crease is not as visible. I am now using eyeshadow strategically for hooded eyes and applying my liquid liner quite differently compared to my younger years.

Firstly, I look straight into the mirror and observe where my crease is when I'm looking straight ahead. My outer V is more hidden now. So, I apply my darker (usually a cool chocolate brown) eyeshadow on my hood which makes it appear to retreat. I apply my lighter eyeshadow in the centre and up onto my hood for the effect of pushing out my eyelid and creating the illusion of a higher crease. Lately, I’ve amped this lighter shadow up with a champagne-coloured sparkle or shimmer.


My signature cat-eye comes next and my new method involves a very fine liquid black liner applied while I look straight ahead. I draw the outer flick on my hood while I look straight into the mirror and then I raise my chin and connect this to a line drawn from the corner of my outer eye. It takes a bit of practice but it really works.

The ‘warm up’.

A new (but quick) makeup step in my 40s is to warm up my face with a buttery powder bronzer. 

I sweep a big fluffy brush of bronzer over my forehead and temples, just below my cheekbones and at my jawline to give my face more definition and a warm sun-kissed glow. It’s made such a difference and glides on like silk over a supremely well-formulated base. 

I’ve always loved makeup and I’ve definitely made some changes since my twenties but I feel so much more knowledgeable and skilful than I once was. 

I certainly have adjusted how I apply makeup differently now, as my skin has changed, but I really know what I’m looking for and, surprisingly, it’s become such a simpler process. Knowing what is going to work for me and being able to rely on a few high quality, multi-purpose products is essential.

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