The simple makeup trend that stole the show on The Bachelor last night.

After last week’s lavender liner and orange eyeshadow, my fingers were crossed for something big in The Bachelor beauty department last night.

Maybe Nikki would turn her platinum hair pink, Alex would rock a dark blue lip and Olena would try a reverse cat eye.

Instead it went the complete opposite way. Not a bold lip or dramatic eye was to be seen, with the focus on a super simple trend that has dominated runways for the past few seasons – dewy skin.

Image: Channel 10.



Forget the drama of the rose ceremony, I couldn't look away from all three of the contestants' highlighter. Someone bring me sunglasses.

Apart from a little bit of smokiness around Nikki Gogan's eyes, the looks were all about the base. Fresh-looking with the good kind of shine.

Image: Screenshot/Channel 10

It's the kind of skin that probably comes naturally for people who drink plenty of water, eat kale and do yoga four times a day, rather than a lifestyle of, ahem, wine, chicken nuggets and Netflix.


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Ah well, that's the beauty of makeup, right?

Image: Channel 10/Screenshot

Once again, it was Olena leading the charge, proving that neither camping, surfing or tropical heat are obstacles for Instagram-worthy makeup.


Goals. Image: Channel 10/Screenshot.

Keeping up with the fantasy of The Bachelor, it was exactly what you imagine holiday skin to look like - fresh and rejuvenated with a healthy glow rather than, you know, sweaty and sunburned. (Post continues after gallery.)

No guesses for which category we'd fall in wearing heavy evening gowns in the Bali heat and humidity.

With just one episode left, we can't wait to see what the makeup team does next. Oh, and you know - who wins Richie's heart.

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