Four makeup items that'll make you feel human while living with a newborn.

Although everything with my gorgeous baby Bronte is going pretty smoothly (touch wood), the moments of leaving the house — no matter what time of day — are always MENTAL.

My phone is under the doona or in the nappy bin, my keys are in the back door as I scratch around in the pram, and my sunglasses are on my head while I shout at my husband to help me find them. Utter chaos.

Having a few essential makeup items in the baby bag – which accompanies us regardless of the outing – reduces some of the personal panic when I walk out and realise I look like a corpse after two hours of sleep.

I like to keep the baby bag makeup kit pretty minimal – just those few items that we must have to look slightly more human:

  1.  Foundation or BB cream (or tinted moisturiser, or whatever you like, really).
  2. Lip protectant – I am loving original Lanolin again.
  3. Under eye highlighter.
  4. Mascara. (Post continues after gallery.)

Optional: your favourite lipstick and perhaps a blush – or use a crème blush in a pink colour and you have lips and cheeks in one!

As much as I hope this helps, I know it will still be crazy at your house, as it is mine…

Until next time, yours in morning madness…

What are your ‘life with a newborn’ essentials?

Mollie Harwood is a mother obsessed with make-up. You can see more of her work on her website Mollie Makeup here, and via Mollie’s Facebook page and on Instagram