The genius $29.99 brush storage hack every makeup lover needs to know.

Excuse us, but this might just be the best discovery in the history of the universe. Or at least this week.

It’s the ultimate storage solution for the most challenging beauty product to display/sort – makeup brushes.

Makeup artist Nicole Rizk shared her genius hack in a makeup forum and promptly sent beauty lovers into a frenzy.

Image: Nicole Rizk

The solution? A gardening accessory that will cost you less than $30.

"Possibly the greatest makeup brush holder I’ve owned - thanks IKEA," she captioned the photo.

The item in question is the Socker Plant Pot with Holder which retails for $29.95.

Image: Ikea

Available in black and white, when assembled it's 34cm long and 23 cm wide - the perfect size for your makeup or dressing table.

Rizk says she came across it by accident.

"I was strolling through IKEA's gardening section to browse some cute vases and flowers for my new makeup room, and suddenly came across the SOCKER plant pot holder and immediately figured it would be a great idea to store my makeup brushes," she told Mamamia.

As well as looking highly Instagrammable, the system works well too.

"Before I discovered this pot plant I was storing all of my brushes in one massive vase at home, literally stacked on top of each other. The pot plant helped me categorise my brushes per type, making it more efficient for every day use and clients," she says.

Her hot tip is to put coloured sand (which you can buy from any dollar store) in each pot to keep the brushes standing in place. Clever.

BRB, running faster than Usain Bolt to our local IKEA.

What are your best makeup storage tips?