11 women share their most embarrassing makeup application fails.

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We’ve all had those mornings. The sun hasn’t even risen yet and you’re attempting to make your face look less zombie-like, and suddenly you realise that was mascara you just put on your eyebrows. Not cute.

The brave souls of Reddit have shared their makeup application fails, and we’ve rounded up 11 of them to make you feel better about your misfortunes. If it’s any consolation, we’re all in this together.

1. Note: Nail polish is not a lipstick alternative.

“I was probably under 10 years old and I loved how my grandmother wore red lipstick. I found some red nail polish lying around and thought it wouldn’t be so difficult to wear. While the glossy fire engine red ‘lip gloss’ looked badass, it burned my lips after like two seconds. No injuries, thank goodness, but I learned that nail polish doesn’t equal lip colour.” – Bella37

2. Glasses make everything harder.

“I didn’t used to have a concept of mascara needing to dry. I also have long eyelashes and wear glasses. I spent my makeup newbie years with mascara streaks on my glasses because I liked to slap my glasses on as soon as mascara was on.” – KCToxic

3. RIP lipstick.

“Once I sneezed when putting on one of my Mac lipsticks and one of my teeth went straight into it.” – superscully

Watch: The Glow team demonstrates their ever-so-attractive “mascara faces.” (Post continues after video.)

4. No coffee = no brain.

“I’m not a morning person, and when I have to get up super early I go through my morning routine in a half-asleep state until I can get some coffee. There have been several instances where I’ve sprayed perfume in my eye or grabbed my bottle of rubbing alcohol instead of setting spray. There was also one time I sprayed dry shampoo all over my face thinking it was setting spray. I still have no idea how that happened…” – K8eCastle

5. Accidental wax

“Well, this happened DURING an application on a client of mine. As I was smoothing out her foundation around her chin, I saw a stray hair and thought it was loose. I used my tweezers to lift it off so as not to disturb the makeup… and OOPS. It was attached. The lady yelped a little bit and I apologised and said “I’m SO SORRY I DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS ATTACHED” and then we both started laughing. Still embarrassing for me but she had a good sense of humour.” – cellybelly

6. Gothic makeup regrets.

“I loved the way lining my waterline looked when I was in my goth phase in high school. One time I was out of my pencil eyeliner and only had liquid eyeliner. Well I put that on my water line. Never. Again. Ever. My eyes were red, I was crying, it itched and stung and I had to go to school enflamed and irritated.” – shmemy (Post continues after gallery.)


7. Contact lens makeover.

“My hand slipped and I somehow smudged concealer all over my contact lens. Luckily the lens was protecting my cornea, so I couldn’t really feel anything unusual, but it was really weird to look in the mirror and see my brown iris “covered” in flesh-coloured speckles.” – Wintersoulstice

8. We really need to start labelling things.

“I was backstage during a theater thing and a friend had what I thought was a setting spray, but was instead an itty bitty can of hair spray. I sprayed my face with HIGH HOLD hairspray and my face was sticky forever.” – confettiqueen

9. Microwaved makeup.

“Not so much application, but I heard heating up your eyebrow product in the microwave would help with it being dried up, so me being a dummy I put Too Faced’s Bulletproof Brows in the microwave. Needless to say the mirror shattered and it came out smelling like burnt plastic.” – Kittyboop91

"Once I sneezed when putting on one of my Mac lipsticks."

10. Looking on the bright side...

"My old roommate sneezed while curling her lashes and accidentally ripped them all out. But she got really good at applying falsies until they grew back." - -PinkFreud-

11. Sex toy mix up.

"I've told this story on here before, but what the hell: My NYX matte setting spray and my spray bottle of sex toy cleaner look identical. Guess which one I sprayed all over my face." - got-to-be-kind

Have you had any makeup catastrophes?
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