Favourite lipstick discontinued? There's now a way to bring it back from the dead.

Having your favourite beauty product discontinued is like having being stabbed in the heart with a pair of tweezers. Heartbreaking.

Thankfully, if it’s a lipstick you’re mourning over there is now a way to bring it back from the dead.

Taking personalisation to a whole new level, you can now play makeup artist and create (or recreate) your own lipstick or lipgloss from scratch.

Image: iStock

Yes, we're talking everything from mixing the exact colour to the finish and even adding some fancy scents (we chose pink champagne for obvious reasons.)

And the process is mesmerising to watch.

It's art class and science combined. Image: Supplied

A new service being added to more and more beauty counters around the world, the bespoke service is offered in various cities around Australia by The Lip Lab.

Great for a birthday gift, a hen's party activity or just because, for $65 (or $30 for gloss) you can design, create and name your own lipstick.

It's not just for remaking an existing favourite shade either - you can whip up a bespoke product for your wedding or special occasion or create your dream colour you're yet to find in shops.

Even better, they keep a note of the formula in store should you - or anyone else - want to make it again.