Experts reveal the 8 ways to make waxing less painful.

Image via Universal Pictures.

Let’s not beat around the bush – not only can waxing be a highly awkward experience, it’s also downright painful.

Luckily there are some thing you can to to make your next appointment (or DIY experience) that little bit more pleasant.

1. Do it regularly

While many people believe waxing stimulates more hair growth, regular waxing actually causes the opposite. Obviously, the thicker the hair is, the more it hurts, so by waxing regularly, each treatment will get slightly less painful. Not shaving in between appointments also won’t hurt (literally) as if you shave, you’re basically taking yourself back to square one.

2. Take something to help

According to a number of beauty therapists on Reddit, taking a paparacetamol around 45 minutes before your appointment could ease the pain.

3. Prepare the skin

“Your waxer will always begin with a thorough cleanse to remove all excess oil and bacteria from the skin,” explains Ann Paterakis, owner of Melbourne’s Soho Wax Lounge. This ensures that the wax sticks to the hair rather than the skin.

4. Ask for hard wax

“With the bikini and Brazilian waxing it is key that you use a hard wax that is specially formulated for this sensitive area,” explains Natalie Ismiel, brand manager and beauty expert at Nad’s.

It makes waxing less painful as it doesn’t lift off the skin, instead just taking off the hair. However, proceed with caution if you’re not experienced in DIY maintenance as it can be harder to do than soft wax.

Ask for hot wax. Image via iStock.

5.  Do it smaller sections

Although it may take longer, focusing on smaller sections will be less painful as you're taking out less hair each time.

6. Pick your timing carefully

Avoid waxing during and right before your menstrual cycle if possible as this is when your body tends to be more sensitive due to the change of hormones. This makes the treatment even more painful. (Post continues after gallery.)

7. Hold the skin taut

"Ensure you hold the skin taut when pulling the strip back. Do this quickly and as close and parallel to the skin as possible to minimise discomfort and prevent bruising," advises Ismiel.

8. Know which way the hair grows

Hair on your upper lip and underarm actually grows in two directions, so you need to treat in two stages.

For your armpit, Ismiel advises applying the wax upwards for the top half of your armpit and pull downwards away from the hair growth, then do the opposite for the bottom half. Do the same for your upper lip area.

What do you do to make waxing less painful?