Make that cuppa count for HeartKids.


HeartKids Australia is a not for profit organisation that is focused on improving the lives of children with Childhood Heart Disease and their families.

HeartKids Australia works to:

– Raise awareness of this devastating disease and its impact on the lives of children and their families.

– Provide support to children and teenagers with Childhood Heart Disease and their families.

– Advocate for the needs of children with Childhood Heart Disease and their families.

– Promote and fund research to improve treatment, and, reduce the incidence and mortality of Childhood Heart Disease.

HeartKids Australia is asking friends, families and work colleagues to “make their cuppas count” to raise much needed funds to support Australian children struggling with Childhood Heart Disease (CHD).

During the months of August and September 2012 HeartKids will be running our Cuppa for HeartKids campaign where individuals, businesses  are encouraged to host a tea party to raise funds and awareness for CHD.

What we are asking, is that during August and September, Australians “make that cuppa count” for our heart kids

Childhood Heart Disease is a devastating disease and there is much that can be done to reduce both its impact and incidence, but we need funds to do it!

For further information on how to host your own Cuppa please visit

About Childhood Heart Disease (CHD)

– Childhood heart disease comprises both congenital and acquired heart disease.

– Congenital heart disease is not a single disease but a general name for any type of heart defect present at birth.

– Six babies born each day in Australia have a heart defect.

– In Australia, congenital heart defects is one of the greatest causes of death in infants under 1

– Life expectancy for and, quality of life of children with Childhood Heart Disease is less than normal.

– There are an estimated 32,000 Australian children under the age of 18 living with Childhood Heart Disease

For more information on HeartKids’ work and how you can help  visit

Chami Gunasinghe works part time as the national marketing and events manager for a charity called HeartKids Australia which she has a very personal connection with after her son contracted Kawasaki disease.