How to make a Green Fish birthday cake

What you’ll need:

- round pan
- cake mix
- vanilla icing
- green food colouring
- orange jelly lolly slices
- gumdrops
- 1 large white gumball
- 1 mini chocolate chip

How to make it

1. Bake the cake in the round pan as directed on the box. After it cools, take the cake out of the pan and put it on a serving platter.

2. Mix the green food colouring with vanilla icing. Frost the cake. Use a spatula to smooth in scale-like texture.

3. Arrange the orange slices on the sides of the cake to create the lips, tail and fins, and place gumdrops on top for spots.

4. Use the white gumdrop and place the chocolate chip on top of it to create the eye.

Instructions adapted with permission from Wilton.