'A recap of all the ways my baby has main character energy.'

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In the whirlwind production that is family life, there's no denying who's been cast in the starring role: my one-year-old daughter.

She’s the youngest of three girls, so there’s no shortage of drama in our house and yet she still manages to stand out.

With a commanding presence that could give Meryl Streep a run for her money, she's rewriting the script and directing her siblings, all while ensuring that the spotlight is firmly on her.

If you have a baby with main character energy, you might recognise some of these signs:

She sets the schedule

Forget about alarm clocks, calendars or the natural cycles of the moon. 

In our household, time is measured and dictated by the whims of a pint-sized director whose understanding of "a good time to wake up" is 4am. And of course, she needs the supporting cast members (sisters) on set with her. Immediately. 

Her sleep routine is more demanding than Mariah Carey's

"The main character learning her lines." Image: Supplied.


To achieve sleep, the scene must be set perfectly: 

  • Complete darkness
  • The sound of rain (but not just any rain, the right kind of rain) 
  • The air at a precise 18.5 degrees celsius 
  • Three kisses on each cheek
  • Positioned in bed in a very specific direction

Oh, and let's not forget the timing — lay her down too early or too late, and you might as well start the bedtime routine all over again.

Thankfully, one part of bedtime always appeases our mini main character: her costume. 

She loves her Bonds Cooler Nights Wondersleep Sleep Bag (and looks so cute in it too). At 2.5 TOG, this cosy but breathable sleeping bag is perfect for temperatures between 16 and 20 degrees celsius and there are two-way zips so we can speed through nappy changes. It’s also the only TOG-rated sleep bag approved by Red Nose for a safer sleep, which is one less thing to worry about as a parent.

She has a poonami clause in her contract

Like a film shoot, leaving the house for the day requires a lot of planning.

The baby, however, holds her ultimate trump card — the "poonami". This natural disaster can strike at any moment, necessitating a complete outfit change for not just her but often also anyone within a two-metre radius. It’s her way of saying, "Not today, folks. I want to stay home". 

She’s a trendsetter

If my baby wanted to "make fetch happen", she could. Gretchen Wieners, take note: there’s nothing more fun to copy and addictive to repeat than a baby’s voice.


Our home now operates on a vocabulary curated by her. "More please" has been replaced with "Marr-Marr," and "banana" is now "na-na". Resistance is futile. She’s too cute.

She’s a fashionista

"Hi guys, welcome to my crib." Image: Supplied. 

Margot Robbie’s Barbie press tour has got nothing on this baby’s wardrobe.

In the early months, a day in the life of our main character included no less than five outfit changes.


A typical day had a morning ensemble followed by a post-breakfast change, then there was the after-nap look and evening wear. I loved the Bonds Newbies Ribbed Zippy for nighttime because of the cosy, cuffable feet.

The volume has dropped significantly now she’s older, but she’s still rocking the cutest outfits and collabing with her supporting ensemble (sisters) to keep our washing machine busy. 

I still put her in Bonds products because they wash so well and last — most of our suits are onto their third child. I like the Zip Wondersuits for nighttime and the Wonderbodies Singlet Suit with Stretchies Leggings for daycare when she needs to swap out layers between messy play and meal times.

Speaking of meals…

She has diva-level dietary demands

Like any serious starlet (or any other toddler really), she’s got a long list of foods she will or won’t tolerate. And it changes constantly. One day, she’s all about that avocado life, and the next, avocados are her mortal enemy (thankfully because of the cossie livs).

Navigating her culinary preferences is like trying to please a Michelin star critic with a preference for purees and a suspicion of spoons.

She’s the centre of attention wherever she goes

Image: Supplied.


Okay, so I know everyone is obsessed with their own kid, but every single person I meet is obsessed with this baby.

It’s not just her angelic golden hair or massive doe eyes. It’s not even the fact that she sings constantly or copies all of her older sisters’ mannerisms. She has something… extra.

She’s magnetic.

And she knows it.

Whether we're at a quiet family dinner or trying to have a conversation with our eldest daughter's teacher, our little starlet knows precisely when to turn up the charm — or the volume — to ensure all eyes and ears are on her.

The spotlight? She owns it.

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