The new Magic Mike trailer just dropped. And it's all we've ever hoped for.

Brace yourself. Channing Tatum’s abs are back. Whether or not this is NSFW is up to you.

Forget about Fifty Shades of whatever, the aptly named Magic Mike XXL trailer has just dropped and it’s got all the half-naked grinding men we’ll ever need.


Let’s just… Shall we…. Just.. Go back to this moment?

Yeah, go on.

Try not to get mesmerised.

Because the first Magic Mike film was a stone-cold masterpiece, the kind people who pay Channing Tatum to dance topless have allowed a sequel.


The all-star cast is led by Tatum, known for his stand-out role in She’s the Man. Also part of the 10-ab pack are Sofia Vergara‘s squeeze, Joe Manganiello and Chuck‘s Matt Bomer.

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A noticeable (and shocking) absence for the sequel is newly-serious actor Matthew McConaughey. Who would have ever thought he’d pass up a role where the only requirement is to be topless? Definitely not me.

The highly-anticipated film will be released in July, just in time to warm us up for winter.

It really is the gift that keeps on giving.


Thank you, Warner Bros. This is the sequel the people need.