"The Reject Shop beauty product my skin is loving."

Peek into my beauty cupboard and you’ll see a whole box of lotions and potions for makeup cleansing. Actually watch me in action however, and you’ll see a totally different story.

I’m one of those people who can tend to be a bit, ahem, lazy when it comes to removing my makeup at the end of each day. I know it’s necessary but it can be such a drag.

Then I read about the Magic Makeup Remover, a microfibre cloth that requires no products to totally remove makeup and exfoliate your face in one go – simply add water and bam. At just $5 from The Reject Shop (yes, really) and already impressed by what microfibres can do for your hair, I had to try it.

Image: Brittany Stewart

As well as being a marvellous hot pink, the actual cloth is very soft and fluffy which made it hard to believe that it can remove all the day's makeup and gunk from my face effectively. (Spoiler alert: It manages just fine).

To use, simply take one rounded end of the cloth, wet with warm water and then gently rub your face in slow circular motions. I use it to take off my "everyday work" makeup - a solid base, hint of blusher and bronzer, styled brows and my heavy duty mascara.

I'm amazed at how much it managed to clear off after just a few rubs.

Before and after use. Look at that gunk! Image: Supplied.


Halfway through, I look closely to inspect my skin and am impressed to see that it's not only removed my makeup but cleansed the skin as well, leaving no trace that I had anything on at all.

It even manages to remove eye makeup - better than any product I've ever tried (including micellar water). And it's soft enough to use on the eye area, providing you take care to be gentle.

My skin feels clean but not tight and I finish off by turning the mitt over and onto its side to gently exfoliate my face for a deep cleanse.

About 30 seconds later, my skin is makeup-free, clean and exfoliated without using any products.

(L) with makeup and (R) just after removing. Image: Supplied.


While skin can certainly benefit from a regular deep cleanse with specially formulated products, I can definitely see myself reaching for the makeup remover on those nights when I'm in a rush to get to bed or just feeling a little lazy.

The only issue I can see is the fact that you can't machine wash it, instead it requires a gentle hand wash with baby shampoo to avoid ruining the fibres. On the bright side, after a look at makeup forums discussing the product, many people have said they've got around five months use out if it. Yeah, it's worth it.

Welcome to my beauty routine, you magic pink cloth. (Post continues after gallery.)

Have you tried the product before? What did you think?