Magda Szubanski: "There's a myth that you lose weight and all your problems are solved."

Comedian Magda Szubanki is one of Australia’s most beloved stars.

She has written and created some of Australia’s best comedy shows and characters, from Pixie-Anne Wheatley, to chain-smoking Lynne Postlethwaite and the bowl-haired sporting nut Sharon Strzelecki.

Some of our favourite Magda characters.


But while her career reached lofty heights, her private life remained hidden.

In this extraordinary interview with Mia Freedman, Magda lets us in on her innermost thoughts. From her father’s espionage activities in wartime Poland, to her sexuality, and her very public struggle with weight.

From being the “hunted prey” of the paparazzi, to how unnerving her weight loss was, and how she was “shit scared” to come out, it’s honest, poignant and utterly captivating.

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