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A farewell letter to MAFS, the reality TV show that has given us so many magical moments.

After approximately 498598 weeks of MAFS we’re about to cross the finish line.

We have to bid a tearful farewell to the show that gave us so much… drama. And also gossip.

Glasses of wine have been flung. People have been called faker than their boobs and face. Two wives did a steal of other people’s husbands.

Mick somehow managed to wear a pair of dirty petrol station thongs throughout the whole ordeal. Billy will forever be a broken man. Ning has learnt to only be physically disgusted by her husband sometimes.

Mike is still… Mike.

And somehow, in the middle of all that, two glorious angels sent from heaven named Jules and Cam managed to fall in love.

So thank you MAFS, for giving us so many moments that we should never have been allowed to watch on prime time TV.

Let’s take a look back at the moments that made us giggle this season:

When we watched a man lose his virginity on national TV.

There was a moment at the beginning of the season where 29-year-old virgin Matt became 29-year-old former virgin Matt.

And we were there to witness the whole thing.

Yep a grown man went on a reality TV show to lose his virginity and it was weird for all of us.


When Elizabeth put pizza in the microwave.

Right after their fake wedding, Elizabeth’s fake husband Sam abandoned her for a week to go to a fake funeral in Ibiza.

So, she put some pizza in the toaster.

mafs reunion australia

It was unsettling but also kind of genius.

When Cyrell made Nic eat chicken feet.

During 'yes week' Nic made Cyrell wear a maids outfit while she cooked him traditional Filipino food.

Being the hilarious bogan of all our dreams, she did a sneak and gave him chicken feet curry for the main and a goose egg for dessert.

It made her giggle… a lot.

mafs reunion australia
mafs reunion australia
mafs reunion australia

She spilled her wine all over herself. And possibly peed her pants a little.

When Ines and Sam pretended to hook up.

At some point during the competition experiment Ines decided Elizabeth's husband Sam was a snack.

She wanted to have sex with said snack and then eat him like a prey mantis or something like that.

So, one night they hooked up. But it seemed very... staged.

Ines went to bed wearing one pair of undies and woke up wearing another.

mafs reunion australia
Exhibit A: Ines in her black underwear. Image: Channel Nine.
mafs reunion australia
Exhibit B: Ines' white underwear. Image: Channel Nine.

Sam also made some very silly eyes at the camera like he was an extra on Home and Away and this was his big break.

mafs reunion australia

When Cyrell smashed a fruit bowl.

When Martha told Nic that Jessika said Nic had "touched her leg" during a dinner party, Cyrell did what Cyrell does best.

She kicked off.

She stormed down to Martha's room and confronted her while she was wearing a face mask.

She did a yell and then a grab of Martha's dressing gown.

When that didn't get her message across she smashed a fruit bowl.

mafs reunion australia

After that, she packed up all her things and went and sat in the gutter because it was hard for her.

When Sam accused Elizabeth of sucking his fingers.

At some point Sam's chicken pox-infected fingers made their way into Elizabeth's mouth.

Elizabeth says Sam put them there and Sam said Elizabeth assaulted his fingers with her mouth. And so began #FINGERGATE


We still haven't gotten to the bottom of #FINGERGATE but apparently it's going to be rehashed during Monday night's finale.

When Martha threw her wine on Cyrell.

During Sunday night's finale dinner party, Cyrell told Michael he didn't have any balls when it came to Martha.

Martha then threw a glass of red wine on Cyrell. Cyrell retaliated by throwing her wine on Martha.

mafs reunion australia

Martha then decided to apologise to Cyrell but didn't actually... apologise. And Cyrell told Martha she was as "fake as your nose, lip and boob job".


Such sweet, sweet memories.