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Mamamia recaps Married At First Sight: Jono gets caught in a web of his own lies.

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It's cheating season, fam!  

Jono spent the episode weaving constant lies and Lauren, as the experiment's resident Madame Web, ain't buying one damn word. 

"Plot twist, Jono... the cheater!" Jayden declares at the beginning of the episode, a man who has described basically every relationship sin as cheating. Hell, I reckon if Eden ate the last Tim Tam, he'd call her a cheater. 

But anyway, all the couples are celebrating the demise of Nice Guy, Jono. No one is more pleased with themselves than Tori, who not-so-delicately revealed the texting scandal on Sunday night

Lauren is upset and requests to see Jono's phone. She is struck by how much Jono and Ellie had messaged and how her groom had neglected to discuss his ACTUAL BRIDE, REMEMBER HER JONO. 

"My name wasn't mentioned," Lauren told him. Awkward!

'Well, the left one anyway, the right gives sinister vibes.'  


"The part that hurts me the most... why wouldn't you mention your wife," she says.  

Dog move, Jono. "She found a way to weaponise the innocent text messages," he later said in a confessional. The couple aren't arriving together so SH*T IS GOING TO GO DOWN, BABY DOLLS. 

The only couple I'm rooting for, Ridge and Jade, are still on the rocks, as she is doubting her groom's maturity level. "Ridge has a really young mind," which is an odd thing to say and the plot of Poor Things

Dinner party time! Tori and Jack roll in first which they decide means they're the most 'boring' couple in the experiment. If the shoe fits, guys! 

Lauren arrives to tell the group that Jono and Ellie's texts ran for an estimated 100 messages which included the pair organising a catch-up. In one of the flirtier moments, Jono asked Ellie 'where were you,' on his birthday he spent with Lauren. 

'At least my boyfriend isn't flirting with other women, he's just telling them to wear muzzles hehe.'


Lauren shares that she always suspected that Ellie had a crush on Jono. Jack is having the time of his life, gossiping with Jayden about Jono's suss actions. 

Jono arrives as Lauren makes a bee-line for the champagne, but he makes no effort to greet her. What the hell? 

The room sits in silence. Tim tries to break it by contributing "I'm not an asparagus guy but that's alright!" as he downs a canape. Thanks for your service, Tim. 


Ding, ding, ding, dinner time! If you were wondering, Jono is the only meal on the menu.

Jayden instructs the group to toast to something they've enjoyed about their MAFS journey, an uninspired segue to chaos. Sara elects herself to add in "Cheers to Jono texting Ellie," which is an interesting selection for an anti-cheating spokesperson. 

'I might eat my words but first I'll feast on Jono.' 

Jono tells the table he had reached out to Ellie and not the other way around, as he had originally claimed. He tries to defend the 'flirty' birthday text and look, I think with the added context, I'd let it slide but NOT TODAY. 


The experiment's resident judge and jury, aka Jayden, pressed Jono on his feelings for Ellie. "I think Ellie is a good-looking chick, of course, but there is nothing going on there at all," he replies. 

Tori then pipes up to say that Jono told Jack at the gym that he "would have loved to have been [matched up] with Ellie." OOP. 

Jono clarifies he said that "when Lauren and I were fighting." 


The audacity of this man to say these words. 


The downfall of Jono and Lauren is making Tim and Sara appear comparatively functional. As the honesty box is delivered, Tim asks if she's falling in love with him. "I can see myself falling in love with you," she replies. Tim agrees, telling his bride "I've definitely got a little thang for you!!"

I don't know what this means :) :) :) 

On to Jack and Tori, she tells him she "could absolutely fall in love with you," before admitting she's never been in love before. "She hadn't met me yet," Jack snipes before describing his feeling for Tori, as umm "proud". 

Okay Jack, that's your girlfriend, not your pooch who has just won a prize at puppy school. 

When discussing their intimacy in the bedroom, Jack says "We've had a couple of goes!!" Lovely! 

Jack is asked directly if he's falling in love and he essentially says "I could be! I dunno, hey!". No one is convinced.

Literally all of us every time Jack talks.


Speaking of Jade, she's hit her deece-overload with Ridge, exploding at him for making bizarre chanting noises when she shared her feelings for him. 

"I want playful fun but don't act like a kid," she tells the group. Ridge weirdly... loves it? He loves being scolded! "I'm done, there's no one else, it's going to be you for the rest of my life," he tells Jade. 

The way this man can switch from being the most emotionally intelligent, vulnerable man in this experiment to making farm noises is... admirable. 

Ridge says he will be Jade's daughter's stepfather if she'll have him and commits to moving to the Gold Coast to be with Jade in three months. 

I mean, perfect man. No notes. 


When a man named Ridge has restored our faith in MAFS men. 

The crew is frothing at the mouth for Lauren and Jono's turn. He says he regrets texting Ellie. "But you did it... 100 times," she snaps back. 

But then he admits if Lauren didn't find out about the texting, he would have continued. Jono then shifts the blame to Lauren for the way she reacted to him texting Ellie behind her back. Makes sense!

"He's making it Lauren's fault," Mel Schilling comments. Jono levels some questions at Lauren, resulting in her calling him a 'snake', and 'dishonest, disloyal, untrustworthy' and 'not living up to her expectations'. 



'Draw the cat eye sharp enough to kill a man...'

Jono serves a low blow, mocking Lauren's voice and telling her he 'doesn't care' about her opinion. Real mature, dude!

He then says something EXTREMELY AWKWARD, telling the group "It was innocent [with Ellie]... I can't wait for the reunion." Based on papped photos, Jonathan and Ellie attend it as a couple so maybe say less!! 


When asked if he wished he was matched with Ellie, Jono said "If I was matched with anyone else in this experiment, I would have had a much easier time," this man actually replied, adding that includes Ellie. 


My last three brain cells watching me buy another little treat online. 

The episode ends on a better note as Jayden tells Eden that he loves her. She whispered the same back. These guys were viciously fighting two mins ago but go off, I guess!


Let a thousand blossoms bloom! 

And that's it! No more MAFS for the rest of the week with Final Vows assumedly going down after the Easter break. And it's going to be a doozy because Lauren is going to set Jono ablaze. 

Burn it down, baby. 

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