Married At First Sight's Andrew has taken a big ol' swipe at psychologist John Aiken.

Just days after the finale of Married at First Sight aired, divisive contestant Andrew Jones has taken aim at the show’s resident psychologist John Aiken.

Ahead of this week’s finale, Aiken shared an image of the show’s contestants as a means of promoting that night’s episode. One of those images was a split shot of Cheryl and Andrew, with the caption, “Are things going to get ugly between Jonesy and Cheryl tonight? Perhaps a little payback?”

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Five days on, Jones has responded to Aiken’s post by taking a screenshot of the image and uploading to his own Instagram account.

“Does your psychologist froth on things getting ugly? Is he/she into revenge and payback?!! You might not be getting your money’s worth,” he wrote alongside the image.


For reasons that are unclear, the image on the Instagram photo Jones uploaded and the image on Aiken’s photo differ slightly.

News Corp report the caption initially read:

“If you’re [sic] psychologist doesn’t get excited enough about things getting ugly, or you’re chasing one that’s into payback, revenge and/or online beat downs then this could be the guy for you!

“Sometimes it helps to talk to somebody.”

Jones has been embroiled in controversy for much of his time on the reality TV show, after his relationship with Cheryl Maitland became very toxic very quickly.

The duo’s relationship demanded significant airtime after the unlikely pair came to loggerheads more than once on the popular show, most notably after that infamous “boys’ night”.

It was during the boys night Jones spoke unfavourably about his fake-wife behind her back, suggesting he only looked at her chest when talking to her and that he found it difficult to have a conversation with her.

At the time, Aiken criticised Jones’ actions and for the way he disrespected Maitland when she wasn’t there to defend herself.

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