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Which Married At First Sight couples are still together? An investigation.

It happens every year. We all have a tiny ounce of hope that a Married At First Sight couple might go the distance. 

Unfortunately, the show's track record at creating fulfilling, long-lasting relationships squashes that hope season after season. And just like every year before it, we have watched one MAFS couple after another get married and expeditiously exit the experiment shortly after. 

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But because everyone wants to know (ahem, including us) if any of this season's MAFS brides and grooms stay together, Mamamia decided to launch an investigation into which couples are, in fact, still couples.

Spoiler: it's about to get real disappointing. 

Are Tamara and Brent still together? Erm.. we think not.

Tamara and Brent. Image: Channel 9.


Tamara and Brent butted heads right from the beginning of the experiment - and they haven't stopped arguing since. 

Despite the incessant drama, it appeared they were in it for the long haul, with both admitting they had some serious stuff to work on. 

However, a few scandals have leaked since regarding the bride and groom - including one where Brent was seen hanging out at the beach with and rubbing sunscreen on the back of ...Ella. Alas, Brent has made it clear they are strictly just friends.

And as of this week, reports say Tamara has pulled out of all joint interviews with her MAFS hubby. 

While the couple were set to dial in to speak on Hit NSW's Maz and Lakey breakfast show, Tamara refused to join Brent on the air. She later agreed to a solo interview with Hit Hobart's Jimmy and Nath later that morning. 

She confessed (once again) that she deeply regretting being part of Married At First Sight. 

When asked by The Wash about his thoughts on Tamara moving on with MAFS groom Mitch, he responded with: "Why not? Good luck to them, I guess."

Tamara has denied the claims she is dating Mitch, explaining in an interview that they see and hang out with each other, as they work in the same building together on the Gold Coast.

Are Olivia and Jackson still together? It looks like it. 

Olivia and Jackson. Image: Channel 9.


Featuring one of the most controversial contestants this season, people at home sure are keen to see if this couple are still together since wrapping up filming. 

Well, it looks like a remarkable amount of evidence points to them still dating. 

The pair showed quite a few worrying cracks in their relationship, including when Jackson aired his concerns over Olivia's "mean" behaviour towards fellow bride Domenica. Despite this, they've been the strongest couple out of any other on the experiment (that's not saying much though).

The couple have chosen to stay week after week and all the clues are telling us they've remained together post-MAFS filming. 

Paparazzi photos showed Olivia and Jackson hand in hand a few weeks ago - plus reports claim he moved to Olivia's home on the Central Coast in NSW.

Oh, and it turns out Jackson's own friend Holly (who was shown on Homestays week) reportedly confirmed the relationship in a Facebook comment.

Are Selina and Cody still together? No (we are 95 per cent sure).

Selina and Cody. Image: Channel 9.

Despite the saying 'opposites attract', Selina and Cody have proven that perhaps this isn't always true. 

The pair clashed often due to the bubbliness of Selina and the laid back and somewhat emotionally detached nature of Cody.

A Sydney photographer got a sneak peek of the Married At First Sight pairs walking into the reunion dinner. Amongst the footage was a clip of Selina and Cody walking hand in hand - however it's been a few months since filming wrapped up.


In January, Cody was pictures at an Adelaide beach with Selina. They haven't been pictured together since, so we're going to take a guess and say the pair are no longer dating. 

Are Domenica and Jack still together? Yes. We're sure of it.

Domenica and Jack. Image: Channel 9.

We can confirm the pair are indeed still going strong. 

Despite tension and drama constantly surrounding Jack and Domenica, their commitment to one another has not wavered. 

Apart from revealing to New Idea earlier this month that they had been discussing marriage "in the real world" - reports claim Domenica has made a move that is closer to Jack in Sydney (although it's worth mentioning they do both live in NSW already).

She also told radio show Bec, Cosmi and Lehmo in March that she'd introduced Jack to the rest of her family. 

“On the weekend it was my birthday, we all had a huge party with my family, Jack was there, it was great," she said, before adding that the two are "getting along like a house on fire".

Are Ella and Mitch still together? Seems so.

Ella and Mitch. Image: Channel 9 / Instagram.


Surprisingly, it looks like Ella and Mitch did actually stay together after the experiment.

Earlier this month, the pair all but confirmed they are still dating.

"When you share something as special as we have, you'll do anything," Mitch shared with Woman's Day. "Our relationship is in a great. It's a bond I haven't shared with anybody before."

Mitch also went on to say he and Ella are "already planning our future together". 

In terms of how their relationship is playing out on screen, Ella admits she isn't all that impressed. 

“In terms of watching Mitchell and I’s relationship and the narrative that the producers have gone with, it's completely different to what I had imagined,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle earlier this month.

“I had no idea this is the direction that our relationship would go down, but that’s TV for you.”

She has also defended her MAFS husband - saying there is a lot those at home do not see.

“Mitchell's obviously copped quite a bit of backlash and a bit of a negative run, but I can back him. I was the one who was with him all day every day and he's not only what he's been portrayed to be, that's for sure,” she explained.

“The nice stuff has been cut, but it is what it is. I’m not going to be holding MAFS against anything, I understand. Mitch and I know what went on for us behind closed doors and that’s all that Mitch and I need really at the end of the day.”

Feature Image: Channel 9 / Mamamia.

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