The new boyfriend of Married At First Sight's Cheryl is a former drug trafficker.

On Sunday night Married At First Sight star Cheryl Maitland took to Instagram to share the news of her new relationship with partner Dean Gibbs, 30.

But it has now been uncovered that Maitland’s new boyfriend was given a one-year suspended jail sentence after pleading guilty to trafficking and using cocaine, reports The Daily Mail.

They have also suggested Gibbs may have also been in possession of steroids and ecstasy.

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His mother Karen Gibbs explained to The Daily Mail that her son has since worked hard to rebuild his life after he pleaded guilty to five drug related charges in 2014.

“That is all in the past… he’s moved on from all of that,” Mrs Gibbs said. “He has worked very hard to build a new life, he’s got a successful plumbing business and he’s very proud of that.”

Cheryl and her friend Jordan. (Image via Instagram/JordanGalleio.)

The Daily Mail claims according to reports the former constable began dealing drugs after when his salary was unable to cover the cost of his drug addiction. Gibbs now makes a living working as a plumber.

Former Married At First Sight bride Cheryl broke the news of her new relationship with an Instagram picture of the two of them enjoying a romantic picnic in Melbourne.

She captioned the photo 'And then there was you', yet after they went public with their relationship, Gibbs set his Instagram to private.

cheryl maitland
Cheryl Maitland.

Things quickly went downhill for Cheryl and Andrew, when 'Jonesy' made derogatory comments about Cheryl during a boys night.

Jonesy then denied the comments during the next dinner party when Cheryl confronted him about them. He then mimicked Cheryl while most of the boys backed him up.

Cheryl and Andrew chose to leave the 'experiment' during the next commitment ceremony.

Big Little Lies, Neighbours, and the Never Ending Story that is Married At First Sight. Post continues... 

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