Madonna wants you to know she's a really great mum.

Because a eucalyptus humidifier is totally a ‘dorm room essential’.

Did you hear Madonna is a totally thoughtful, really great mother? She wants you to know.

Madonna, the 56-year-old singer who loves to get her body parts out, has an 18-year-old daughter who just started college.

Madonna’s offspring, appropriately named Lourdes, won’t let her totally embarrassing mum be seen with her at college events such as football games. In fact, Madge said she’s not allowed at games.

“You think my daughter wants me at a game?” she said.

But when Madonna does come to the University of Michigan campus, she’s obviously very concerned about her daughter living out of home and goes to very normal lengths to make sure Lourdes is comfortable.

madonna's daughter is at college
Lourdes with her totally cool mum. Image via Getty.

“I’m very ‘mom,'” she said. “I’m very, you know, worried: ‘Are you okay? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating right?’ You know, I set up a humidifier in her room with eucalyptus oil. I was worried about the fact that she didn’t have enough towels, Q-tips.”

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Oh Madonna, we get it. You’re a totally awesome mum. But, if you want Lourdes to blend in, maybe leave the eucalyptus humidifier in the car next time? Maybe?

And of course, Madge had to pass off some wisdom to her college daughter:

“Try to do everything in moderation. Try not to kill all your brain cells. And try to go to class.”

What do you think of Madonna’s parenting tactics? 

Click through the gallery below for more photos of Madonna, plus a few of her daughter that apparently smells like eucalyptus.

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