Judge orders Madonna’s teenage son to spend Christmas with her. But he has other plans.

We expect she’ll be playing ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’ loud and proud on Christmas Day… if he comes home.

It’s not often that a teenager’s fight with his mum make headlines – or lands in court – but when the teen is Rocco Ritchie and the mum is Madonna normal rules don’t apply.

The 15 year old son of Madge and filmmaker Guy Ritchie is refusing to spend Christmas Day with his famous mum.

She wasn’t happy about that so she rushed to a New York courthouse to have him ordered home on the eve of Christmas Eve.

Rocco is apparently sick of touring with his superstar mum. Image via Instagram/Madonna.

Rocco, who had spent the past few months touring the world with 57-year-old Madonna for her Rebel Heart tour, reportedly refused to board a plane from London – where he is staying with his dad – to New York for the holiday break.

The New York Post reports the teen is sick of touring and wants a normal holiday break in London, sparking an international Christmas custody battle.

“He has expressed very clearly that he does not want to return to New York,” Ritchie’s lawyer Eric Buckley told Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Deborah Kaplan.

Madge – dressed in a long skirt, sunglasses and fur cloak – tried to interject, but was shushed by her prominent celebrity lawyer.

Madonna’s social media posts regularly feature her four children. Image via Instagram/Madonna.

The judge ordered Rocco to come home.

But Ritchie’s lawyer made it clear the eldest son of the two children shared by Madonna and Ritchie would not voluntarily return to the US.

According to The New York Post, a source said the teen might disobey the court order.

“The boy said he didn’t want to stay with her,” the source said.

“He’s not getting along with his mum, which is not a surprise for a child that age.”


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The judge said Rocco would have a court-appointed lawyer and could tell the judge who he wanted to live with, but must come home to his mother for Christmas.

There is also a separate court proceeding in the UK and a dispute over where the custody battle should be decided.

The judge told Madonna and Ritchie – who divorced in 2008 and also have an adopted son together – to discuss the issue before the case next returns to court.

In the meantime, if Rocco does show, it sounds like he might be getting a lump of coal from his mother.

*Feature images via Instagram.