Can someone please take the Internet away from Madonna?

It might be time for Madonna to take a little break from social media.

After likening the leaking of her album to rape and terrorism, the singer has now posted a series of pictures on Instagram, comparing herself to civil rights activists Martin Luther King Jr and Nelson Mandela.

More specifically she has transposed the artwork from her upcoming album- which features her face wrapped in black wire- onto their faces – and likening their lives and inspiration to her own.

On the left, Madonna’s album cover and on the right, the co-opted image of Nelson Mandela.

On Martin Luther King’s photo Madonna wrote: “This #rebelheart had a dream!”

We must have missed the part of King’s speech about his dream of helping a privileged white woman to promote her album five decades later.

Unsurprisingly, critics have jumped on this.

“To lessen Mandela’s and Dr. King’s achievements as far as making their faces involuntarily a part of a marketing campaign for some irrelevant pop music is just a huge perception disorder,” writes user beate_abbey. “I’m already unnerved by all this pictures with strings in people’s faces. This despair is such a cringe factor. It’s a pity.”

“Officially lost a fan in me…” wrote user elsiebowers.

Plenty of people took to Twitter to vent about the pictures.

In what now appears to be a prophetic Instagram post, a few days ago Madonna wrote: “Dear haters, I have so much more for you to be mad at … be patient!”

Hmmm….someone needs a little holiday from their phone. Generating all of this confected controversy must be very tiring.

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