Walk it off, Madge: Madonna stacks it on stage at the Brit Awards.

Walk it off Madge, walk it off….

Don’t you hate it when someone pulls on your cape so hard that you fall off the platform at the Brit Awards? Okay, maybe not. It’s probably happened once since the beginning of time. And who did it happen to?

Madonna. Poor, poor, yanked-off-her-platform-in-her-prime Madonna.

At last night’s Brit Awards – the UK’s version of the Grammys – Madonna was innocently singing her new single Living For Love, wearing a long black cape and surrounded by shirtless men with bull horns. As you do.


Madonna. Cape. Men. Horns. So much to enjoy here.


From what we can tell, she was trying to undo her black cape so that it could be whipped off her shoulders and reveal the costume underneath. But she didn’t undo it properly. So when the cape was pulled, so was poor ol’ Madge.

Oh, Madonna. So vogue. So funny.

Madonna has made one family in Africa very mad.

 At least we can 100% confirm that Madonna was actually singing live. Right before she fell, she sang the lyrics ‘I let down my guard‘. She let it down. All the way down.

But don’t worry, guys. Her horn-y dancers picked her up, and she kept right on singing.

That’s our Madonna.

Watch the video here. Catchy song. GREAT routine.