The photo that has Madonna being labelled a bad parent.

It was meant to be about love and family. It quickly became the opposite.

Madonna, 56, decided to take to her Instagram account to share a message. A message that really matters to her.

Accompanied with a picture of the celebrity mum’s two adopted children David and Mercy along with their friends, she captioned the picture with, “What really matters!! Love, life, friends and family! My heart.#rebelhearts”

Madonna's adopted children David (left) and Mercy (third from left) with their friends.

It wasn't controversial, as Madonna can so often be. It was simply honest.

But followers quickly began to question Madonna's motive for posting the photo, even bringing into question her reasons for adopting to begin with.

Some suggested she had "forgotten" her adopted children, in favour of her own biological children.

Others assumed her primary concern was money, not, family, as she initially wrote.

Another told her to stop "buying" other people's children and keeping them as "pets", while at the same time someone suggested she should add an Asian child to her apparent "collection".

Madonna has two biological children. Her daughter Lourdes, 18, who she shares with Carlos Leon and son Rocco, 16, who she shares with Guy Ritchie.

When the celebrity mum decided to adopt David from Malawi in South East Africa in 2006, just before splitting with Ritchie, she made global headlines. Three years later she returned to Malawi and adopted Mercy. This second adoption was initially rejected however Madonna persevered and manged to bring Mercy into her family.

And while her first adoption took place almost ten years ago, it sadly seems that some of her followers still take issue with it. Is it because it's Madonna, the queen of controversy who for some reason can seem to do no right?

These are Madonna's children, whether they have been adopted or not. While the global adoption system may not be perfect, once adopted, David and Mercy became part of her family.

They have been her family for over a decade and will continue to be. Surely one day we can let them be, without bringing this into question.

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