Madonna is 57. And the cops were just called to her birthday party.

Bitch, she’s Madonna.

I like to imagine that Madonna’s daughter Lourdes, 18, is similar to Saffy from Absolutely Fabulous, permanently mortified by her mother’s antics and rebelling by never, ever wearing conical bras.

Sadly for the sitcom in my mind, it seems that it wasn’t Lourdes who called the cops on her mum’s gypsy-themed 57th birthday party at her Hamptons mansion on the weekend.

Madonna with her daughter Lourdes, who may or may not have called the cops on her. Image via Instagram.

The Queen of Pop royally pissed off her hoity-toity neighbours with her soiree, which began on Sunday evening and continued until the sun rose on Monday morning.

Madonna arrived at her party “in a vintage gypsy wagon filled to overflowing with dancers, all in gypsy attire,” reports Page 6.

She was escorted by Kevin and Jonathan Sampaio, “handsome identical twins”. Of course she was.

Madonna’s guests include the fairly staid Naomi Watts, Andy Cohen and TV personality Kelly Ripa, but they apparently got loose.

Mark Consuelos, Kelly Ripa and Andy Cohen. Image via Instagram.

TMZ reports that the music was so loud, the neighbours’ enormous, ostentatious houses were SHAKING.

The Five-O turned up at 2:30am and probably got some autographs and a mini wagyu hamburger before leaving.

Following the cops’ exit, the decibels rose and the gypsy fiesta continued.

To soothe Madonna’s hangover, she had the kisses of an adorable French bulldog puppy, a birthday gift from her four kids, Lourdes, Rocco, David and Mercy. She named her Gypsy Rosa Lee.

Check out Madonna’s Instagram pics from her party…

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