MAC Vamplify will change the way you feel about lip gloss.

Image: supplied.

A lot of beauty products go through The Glow office, but there’s one in particular this week that has the whole team obsessed. Say hello to the lip product for anyone who’s a dunce at applying lippie: MAC Vamplify lip gloss.

Delivering the high shine of a gloss and intense pigmented colour of a lipstick packed into a moisturising formula, it’s a product we had to take for a test run.

Brittany, our Glow Guide Producer, has never been a real fan of lip gloss, finding it too sticky to bother persevering with, but she was happy to be proved wrong this time.

“It essentially combines all the best parts of a lipstick and lip gloss into one, and the result is everything you’d want in a lip product. The formula feels lovely and creamy on the lips without feeling sticky at all, and the colour pigment is bright and bold with just one coat. It also has an incredible gloss which doesn’t fade,” Brittany explains.

Brittany wears MAC Vamplify in 'Suggestive' (L). Image: supplied.

The extra long wand and handy doe-shaped application make it easy to apply accurately and the faint vanilla scent is delicious.


"The only tip I would give is to use a lip liner to line lips beforehand to make it even more long lasting and minimise colour bleeding," Brittany advises. (Post continues after gallery.)

The Glow's Site Producer Lizzie was equally won over by Vampify, testing out the pinky-purple hue, "What's Going On".

"My favourite thing about it? How easily it goes on - it's so smooth and glossy but at the same time very long lasting And it's highly-pigmented enough to not require multiple layers; one swipe and you're done," Lizzie explains.

Lizzie wears 'What's Going On' (top). Image: supplied.

Available in 17 different colours ranging from bubblegum pink and vibrant coral to deep red and nude, there's bound to be one (or let's face it, several) that deserve a place in your makeup bag. Retailing at $40, they're available now. Be quick; these are limited edition and sure to sell out fast.

Have you tried MAC Vamplify lip gloss? What did you think?