The Find: The perfect eyebrow pencil for blondes.

It’s safe to say that my eyebrows have seen some things, man. They’ve lived through the ‘90s; a time when thin brows ruled supreme. The likes of Drew Barrymore and Pamela Anderson inspired girls everywhere to wax off what they had and replace it with a pencil thin line drawn on across the forehead.

Was it natural? Hell no. But we did it anyway (because FA-SHUN, okay?) and those of us who’ve been there live to tell the tale.

The issue for us ladies of the ’90s now is that today’s ultimate brow is a lot different to what it was back then. Now we’re on the quest for bigger, bushier brows. Natural is in and brows are, without doubt, having their moment as face heroes. One quick flick through Instagram shows you the lengths some people are going to in order to get themselves some brows on fleek.

Watch: A makeup artists explains why you should apply your brow makeup before anything else. (Post continues after video.)

That’s great and all, but for those of us who’ve been through the great brow depression, we’re left with the reminder of waxes gone by. Most of us are sporting patchy, sparse brows that need a bit (or a lot) of help to get them up to scratch.

I’m currently in a rehab program – my eyebrow lady, Diana Calvet, has given me strict orders and maintenance schedules to get my face foliage back up to scratch. I am banned from any kind of at home brow maintenance in an attempt to encourage my poor little brows to come back home.

It seems old habits die hard because those tweezers start looking at me, begging me to just ‘clean up a little’ between appointments but in the end it will be worth it.


Diana knows what she’s talking about. She is a brow guru and a lady whom some very big names trust with their face caterpillars. She assured me that we’re making progress and I believe her but in the mean time, I’m one of millions of women who need to fill in their brows each day.

Jacqui shows how to apply the MAC eyebrow pencil. (Post continues after gallery.)

Here’s my problem though. As a *cough* natural blonde, finding a brow product is hard work. I know, I know, we can cry together later but fair haired girls will know exactly what I’m talking about. Everything is too red, too green, too dark. For some reason finding a brow product with a natural ashy undertone is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

But I’ve found it!

To be honest I knew about it a while ago. The product is MAC’s eyebrow pencil in the colour ‘Fling’, $32. It’s the perfect shade for lighter skin and hair tones and blends beautifully. MAC describes the colour as being “a light ash blonde” and they’re right.

The colour itself has been around for a while, in a mechanical pencil form.

Image supplied

Recently MAC relaunched their Veluxe Brow Pencil range to include the holy grail colour that is Fling. (You hear that? It’s angels singing.)

It’s back and it’s here to stay. The pencil itself will set you back $32 and trust me, it’s worth every cent. Mine’s still going strong and I’ve had it for months. (Post continues after gallery.)

Previously I’d go through a mechanical pencil every 12 weeks of so. So if you’re currently involved in the search for blonde eyebrow pencil perfection, look no further. Get thee to the nearest MAC counter and buy up. Just don’t poach all the stock because I can’t live without it.

Image: Supplied.

What is the brow product you can't live without?