If you have an M on your palm, you're very special.


You know those crinkly lines on the palm of your hand, the ones that get deeper when you’ve spent a little too long in the spa?

They could be telling you something pretty valuable about yourself.

Palmistry is an ancient art, but it’s not reserved for hooded fortune tellers from Disney fairy-tales, or your weird Aunty after a few too many sherries on Christmas day. The practice has deep roots in Hindu and Chinese culture.

According to Metro, the letter ‘M’ and it’s significance is written about in the book Karmic Palmistry: Explore Past Lives, Soul Mates & Karma by  Jon Saint-Germain.

Saint-Germain explains that the appearance of the letter ‘M’ in the lifelines of someone’s palm is extremely rare.

It is said to be an indicator of good fortune, and those with the marking are likely to do well in their chosen career due to their discipline and ability to self-motivate.

Those rocking the ‘M’ are also said to be extremely intuitive, and very good judges of character. If you’re a bit of a fibber, or prone to exaggeration, be warned. These people can see right through you.

If you squint you can totally see it.

BUT- There is a catch.

These useful traits are said to be present from birth, but to be applicable, they need to be on your non-preferred hand.

So if you’re ‘M’ is on the hand you’re using to scroll through Facebook, bad luck.

So take a look at those hardworking mitts of yours? Notice anything special?