If you ask Lynda Carter, it's about time Wonder Woman made a comeback.


To know Lynda Carter’s name is to associate her with Wonder Woman.

It was a role she played for just four years in the late 1970s, but through the power of an iconic costume and the cult status that surrounds comic book characters, nearly 40 years on from saying goodbye to it, the Amazonian princess still follows her everywhere.

“I get credit for a lot of things that she gave me,” Carter tells Mamamia, “but really, I’d like to be as cool as Wonder Woman.”

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“I think the whole concept of Wonder Woman is more about her intellect and her character and it’s about doing the right thing,” Carter says.

“There’s more than just superpowers with Wonder Woman, it’s about defending the right thing and standing for something.”

Speaking to the 65-year-old ahead of Mother’s Day (Carter is the face of sleepwear label Peter Alexander’s Mother’s Day campaign this year), I ask if any of these traits – the ones that matter far more than her character’s well-coiffed hair or a tight bodice – rubbed off on her when it came to parenting and raising her two children, James and Jessica, who are now adults themselves.

Lynda Carter with her daughter Jessica during the Peter Alexander Mother's Day shoot. Source: Twitter.

Pausing for a moment to consider, Carter replies, "I think that helping your child find their voice and identity - particularly in light of being a very famous person - is such an important thing and managing a way through that is not always easy.

"So if anything, she [Wonder Woman] is for helping people find their voice."

Having been married to Robert A. Altman, a software CEO, for 33 years, I ask how Carter thinks she did in the grand scheme of parenting.

"Well, no one tells you that you'll do all of this work for 15 years and as soon as they can drive they leave." Laughing, she continues, "You do such a good job they don't need you anymore."

Nearly 40 years on, Wonder Woman is coming back. Source: Twitter.

Following Mother's Day, another major milestone is set to crop up in Carter's life - the return of her beloved character, this time to the big screen with Gal Gadot in the suit.

Carter sounds truly excited about this next generation phase. She says, "I think it's certainly time; it's time it was brought back. It took a long time - about 40 years - for them to remake it and I'm really glad they did."

"She's got an altruistic side to her that I think is unique to comic book characters. It's something that can live within us and be strong and beautiful and powerful and go out there and kick some ass.

"It's hard to be represented right now in such a bullying type of age, so I think we need her back."

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