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"Help. My friend is lying about her weight loss surgery."

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A conundrum for you ladies.

One of my husband’s family members has been battling obesity for most of her life. In the past few months she has had a gastric sleeve operation.

It has been successful and she has lost quite a bit of weight, however only a small number of people know she has had the operation.

In recent get togethers she’s made no mention of the operation, and instead, says she is losing the weight with hard work at the gym and dieting.

This does not sit right with me at all.

Surely she should own the steps she took to lose the weight and not outright lie.

How am I suppose to handle her lying? Should I chat to her about it? If so, what advice do you have for me?

Grimace emoji, three grimace emojis!

Firstly, nothing makes us happier than when people write out emojis.

*Smiley blushy face emoji with wavy hands*

Secondly, the entire Mamamia Out Loud team agreed, for once, on the course of action.

LISTEN: The Mamamia Outloud team discuss how they think ‘Carol’ should handle the situation…(post continues after audio)


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