5 quick and easy lunch box ideas that won't make your child cry.

There are a lot of things to organise in the lead up to school.

Shoes, bags, stationery – the list goes on.

But as parents we often forget to organise our groceries for the back to school period.

We’ve spent the past few weeks enjoying a routine-free, relaxed lunchtime. It won’t be long before our kids hit the classroom though and we are once again in the daily trap of “what can I give the kids for lunch?”

An apple in a tin just won’t cut it.

Every day. Same thing. There’s only so many times a kid can eat a Vegemite sandwich.

Why not bring a bit of variety into your child’s lunch box with these five creative meals that won’t make your child cry?

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Mummy Hack 1: Make a scene.

A lot of lunch boxes these days are square shaped and are cooler-style, or have inbuilt ice blocks, making it easy to keep healthy fresh contents as delicious as the moment you put it inside. Making a creative scene for them to see when they open their lunch box is sure to be a kid pleaser. Grapes for tree leaves and carrot sticks for the trunk. Their sandwich can be a house and some cheese as the son. Lunch has never been so fun.

Get creative.

Mummy Hack 2: Wrap it up.

Why does everyone think lunch has to be a sandwich? Why not change your child’s lunch box meal to include a wrap or a salad? Not only is it healthy but it shows them that variety is a great way to continue healthy eating.

…and that’s a wrap.

Mummy Hack 3: Cut it out.

Cookie cutters aren’t just for cookies. Make any shape you desire out of your child’s sandwich to make lunch that little bit more fun. Train, cars, boats – the possibilities are endless. Speciality sandwich cutters are also readily available.

The best way to jazz up a boring sandwich.

Mummy Hack 4: Fruit salad, yummy yummy.

It’s a song they’ve probably heard for the five years leading up to school but why do they forget it as soon as they are in the school gates? Make fruit break fun but giving them a fruit salad instead of one single apple.

Yummy fruit salad.

Mummy Hack 5: Have a party.

Lunch box meals don’t have to be boring. Think of it as a weekend party. Deli meats, different cheeses and a few crackers. School lunch boxes have come a long way since we were at school.

What’s their favourite movie? Make it in to a lunch. Genius.

And why stop there? Here are some awesome ways to help you prepare for the afternoon onslaught with our tips for healthy afternoon snacks.

Mummy Hack 6: Pre-prepared snack boxes.

Boiled eggs, carrot and celery sticks and hummus. Have an after school pack ready to go and waiting in the fridge for the moment they get home with the munchies.

Carrot, celery and hummus – always a winner.

Mummy Hack 7: Baking with the kids.

Kids love getting involved, so why not make their afternoon treats with them? Not only are they fresher but you know exactly what you’re putting in and what your kids are eating. Savoury muffins, fruit balls or slices – they will love all these.

Like this – but with real food.

Mummy Hack 8: Veggie garden fun.

Starting a veggie garden is lots of fun. Especially when the kids can come and pick their afternoon snacks fresh themselves. Nothing beats some home-grown tomatoes and cucumber for a mid-afternoon snack.

Straight from the garden.

What tips and tricks do you use to make your kids lunch box exciting?

The kids will love these…

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