BACH FLUFF: Why the frontrunner to win The Bachelorette has barely been on camera.

If there are certain murmurings around the casting of this year’s Bachelorette, most centre on one common and consistent thread: Where, ah, are all the good guys?

Where’s the frontrunner? Where’s the guy that’s going to win? Where are the people that make us want to debate the winner of the show, because there is so much potential?

So far, the first week has focused on, well, the arseholes.

The ones none of us want dating (our national treasure) Sophie Monk.

Well, if you ask Sportsbet – sorry, yes, I went there – there’s no leader in our eyes, because the betting sphere’s frontrunner has been given precisely 2.45 seconds airtime.

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Yes, I am talking about Luke. The BFG kind of contestant sitting at a even friendlier $2.50 on the platform. (Bet responsibly, etc.)

Why has Luke, the favourite to win since before the show even aired, been given such little airtime?

Perhaps it would be clever of us to cast our minds back a few weeks, and take a look at the nature of The Bachelor’s casting and production in the last season.

From the minute she got out of the limo, and then scored the third single date, Laura Byrne – now girlfriend of Matty J – demanded quite a portion of the airtime. So much so, we began to think maybe it was all too good to be true.

Surely the producers would make the winner a little less… obvious? Surely we’d be thrown of the scent just a little?

Image: Channel 10.

And then they didn't, throwing a particularly anti-climactic finale before Laura and Matty went on their way, like we knew they always would.

This time, they're clearly changing up their game a little. Maybe Luke will be quiet for a while, before stealing our hearts in the end. Maybe this season feels like it's saturated with arseholes (not the literal kind) because that's exactly who the producers want us to focus on.

Maybe the good will rise to the top in the end.

After all, that's what they money is saying. And who am I to deny that?