If you're nodding along with this post, then maybe it's time for a blood test.

We’re talking the tired even a mighty big nap can’t shake.





As the world’s top nutritional deficiency, it’s pretty safe to say we’re not paying attention to our iron levels. Feeling tired? Cold? Spacey? That’s just life, right? Well, no. Chances are if you’re experiencing a number of these symptoms, you could be one of the many people with an iron deficiency (in other words, you might be low in iron). The good news? It’s easily remedied when you know what to look for.

But first, let’s take a step back for a minute. What is iron exactly? Iron is what gives you that kick up the backside when you just want to stay in bed. Essentially, it’s what your body uses to transport oxygen around, maintaining healthy blood levels and releasing energy as it goes.

Just as an FYI, you should know that this post is sponsored by Fab Iron. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in their own words.

Like most good things, iron comes in pairs: haem and non-haem. Haem iron is found in animal foods like red meats, fish, and poultry, while non-haem is found in plant foods such as lentils and beans, and whole grains. While eating a diet rich in haem and non-haem iron should keep your iron stores in check, the fact is, many people simply aren’t getting enough. In fact, 70% of women aged between 25 and 54 years have diets deficient in iron.

So how much do you need? Women require 18mg/day and men 8/mg per day. Not getting enough? Then there’s a chance you’ll be experiencing one, or all, of the symptoms below.

1. You’re tired

And no, we’re not talking the kind of tired that comes with a busy life. This is long-term (over a month) fatigue that you just can’t shake, even with a mighty big nap.

2. You’re cold, even when the temperature isn’t

Strangely it’s hot outside, yet you’re feeling a chill in the air that you’ve never experienced before. Sound familiar? Don’t blame your outfit, book in for a blood test.


3. You’ve lost colour in your complexion

All that hair loss may not be your brush’s fault.

While we credit the Cancer Council (and Twilight) for valiantly making pale cool again, there’s something to be said about a withdrawn complexion. Healthy, vibrant skin that’s glowing and naturally flushed is what you’re after, not withdrawn and sickly.

4. Concentration… Sorry, what?

We know, we know! Who can possibly stick to a task longer than 5 minutes these days without being side-tracked by [insert social media of choice here]? The fact is, if you’re really struggling to focus on things that used to engage you for hours, then it might be time to look into why.

5. Your pony tail is getting thinner by the day

Grab your ponytail. Go on. Grab it. Is it noticeably thinner than it was a few months back? What about your nails, are they breaking more easily? Hold the phone, friends, you might have an iron deficiency in your midst. If your tresses are tracking well under their usual thickness, then it’s time to see your doctor.

Bottom line: if you’re nodding (in agreement, or just nodding off) then it’s worth getting a blood test to check your levels and incorporating a good quality iron supplement into your daily routine. Your best option is a supplement made from an organic chelated iron, as it’s well tolerated and gentle on the stomach, minimising unpleasant side effects such as constipation and nausea that can be associated with other forms of iron. A good iron supplement will also contain vitamin C to aid absorption.

What do you do to ensure all your nutritional levels are at a healthy level?


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