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'It was either her or the other': Woman killed after entering deadly "love triangle".

On March 1, 27-year-old Anna Alekseyevna Repkina left her native Russia to fly to the United States for love.

She settled in the state of Oregon. Less than seven weeks later, on April 17, her body was found in a stretch of woods belonging to a private logging company.

According to The Oregonian, Benton County Sheriff’s Office now believe Repkina was in a relationship with the man who has now been arrested for her murder, 27-year-old William Chase Hargrove.

It’s believed she was killed after she became involved in a ‘love-triangle’ with Hargrove and another woman.

Senior Deputy District Attorney Amie Matusko told the Associated Press an “interesting love-triangle relationship” was at play before her death.

anna love triangle murder
Investigators believe she was in a 'love-triangle' relationship with the man charged with her murder. Image via Benton County Sheriff’s Office.

Repkina and the other woman - who has not been named - lived in separate locations, with Hargrove dividing his time between the two.


Matusko said Repkina was killed after the other woman gave Hargrove an "ultimatum".

"It was either her or the other, and he made a decision," she said.

william love triangle murder
William Chase Hargrove has been charged with Anna's murder. Image via Benton County Sheriff’s Office.

"He took the victim out on a rather desolate logging road, and she was found shot in the back of the head, execution-style."

Hargrove has been arrested and is currently being held without bail. He is due to appear in court at the end of June.

Repkina's family has been notified of her death with the help of Russian authorities.

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