A love letter to all mums.

Dear Mum,

I love you. Yes, you. With the macaroni in your hair, the spit-up on your shirt, and the load of laundry at your feet. Or you, trying to wrangle a toddler into her car seat before you get yelled at AGAIN by day care for being late. And especially you – exhausted, stretched too thin, and wondering if you’re doing this whole parenting thing right.

You’re doing an amazing job. Whether you breastfeed or bottle feed, public or private or home school, baby wear or don’t. I don’t care. I think you’re doing an amazing job. You’re raising tiny humans and teaching them what love is. What is more important than that?

"Yes you. With the load of laundry at your feet." Image supplied.

I respect and admire you. I do. Especially because you’re probably wondering why. You may be thinking “my house is always a mess” or “I never have time to cook my family the meals I want to” or “I let my child watch too much tv today”. You’re probably listing all the reasons in your head why you don’t deserve my respect and admiration. But oh the things you’re doing right my dear!

That scraped knee? You patched it up like a boss. And even though you had the most exhausting day at work, you managed to read Goodnight Moon five times for your little one without falling asleep. And toddler tantrums almost made you rip out your hair today/become an alcoholic/run away screaming. Almost. But you didn’t. And you put that crazy little troublemaker to bed with a hug and a smile anyways. And when your tiny one is up all night with colic? You know just the way to bounce and sway to comfort her to sleep.

The time I felt like a bad mum. Post continues below. 

 You love, you heal, you nurture. So yes, I respect and admire you.

The day to day of motherhood is hard. Oh, so hard. So whatever your situation:

I love you. I think you are extraordinary. You are doing a beautiful and selfless thing every day.

I just thought you should know that.

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