Hold on to your hats, because Australia is getting it's own version of Love Island.

We hope you didn’t have plans for 2018. And if you did, you should probably cancel them.

Because you’re going to be busy being glued to your television watching “sexy young singles” jet off to a “summer paradise to find love”.

Yep, Channel 9 has confirmed that an Aussie version of British reality dating show Love Island will be hitting our screens next year.

The company made the announcement during their Upfronts presentation, adding the show would be filmed in Spain and would air on 9GO and the channel’s on-demand streaming service, 9Now.

Love Island sees very, very attractive (a pivotal part of the show) singles sent to live on an isolated, tropical island where it’s too hot to wear normal clothing. In order to survive ‘elimination’, they must pair up with another contestant.


Anyone left single after the ‘coupling’ is sent packing, feeling very rejected and probably a little bit lonely.

Oh, and their every move is recorded for our viewing pleasure.

love island AU
Image via ITV.

In short: Love Island is the perfect mash-up of Big Brother, Survivor and The Bachelor. It's the stuff of our reality TV dreams.

The winning couple wins a yet-to-be-announced cash prize, along with what we are assuming will be true love and a great story to tell their grandkids about how they "met on a television show that one time".

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Unless of course, one half of the couple decides to keep the money for themselves. THERE IS GOING TO BE SO MUCH DRAMA!

The show is already casting, with singles who are "up for the hottest summer ever" being urged to apply now.

The show isn't the only "island-themed reality dating show" hitting our screens next year: earlier this month it was announced that popular Bachelor spin-off Bachelor In Paradise would also be making its way Down Under.

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