Australia reacts to the most infuriating contestant to ever grace reality television.

Excuse me.

We need to talk about a woman named Millie.

Millie went on a dating show… and won’t date anyone.

For approximately five and a half weeks, Millie has been enjoying a free holiday in a villa in Mallorca.

She’s been drinking the free drinks and eating the free food.

She’s been lounging around the pool and swimming with the inflatable flamingos.

She’s been taking part in ridiculous challenges and enjoying the gossip.

But at no point has Millie dated anyone.

Every single man gives Millie the ‘ick’ or they’re only her type “in certain lighting” or through “Instagram filters”.

Millie only likes guys when they’re coupled up with someone else or are interested in one of her friends.

Millie is the worst but she’s also a genius, who scored herself a free holiday, and possibly a future career as an Instagram influencer.

Here’s how Australia feels about Millie:






Until Sunday night…