Excuse us, two people just got walked in on while having sex on national television.

Yes, well.

Two people were just having sex on national TV and they were interrupted by their mate who wanted to get his sunnies.

This is where we’re at, people.

We’ve got no one to blame but ourselves.

In case you missed it, on tonight’s episode of Love Island, Grant and Tayla were doin’ the sex… in their shared bedroom… in the middle of the day… on a national TV show.

They were interrupted by Josh who walked into the room because he just really needed his sunnies, aye.

This interruption was not a concern for Trant? Gayla? they just threw a doona over themselves and kept on going.

We should all be deeply, deeply ashamed of ourselves… and also a lil’ bit proud because we’re living in the golden era of trashy TV and we’re loving every minute of it.

Here’s how Twitter reacted:




Until tomorrow night…

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