The explosive Love Island clip that has UK fans switching over to the Australian version.

Pour yourself a mango daiquiri and take a seat pls.

Something exciting has actually happened in Sophie Monk’s sex villa.

You see, on Sunday night’s episode of Love Island there was a bit of a barney.

The islanders were p*ssed that Eden and Erin has chosen to send home the literal ray of sunshine that is Justin, over the short version of that guy who’s in that show about motorbikes and what not.

Eden and Tayla got into a screaming match.

Words were spoken.

Threats of “never forgiving” were made.

And then it all culminated with Eden and Grant grabbing each other’s shirts and saying things like “Oi, you wanna have a go, mate?”.

It was all very exciting and unusual mostly because they were actually wearing shirts ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Anywho, the 30 second clip was so action-packed UK viewers want to switch over to our version:

And look, we can’t blame them, there was shirt-grabbin’ and name callin’ and possibly mango daiquiri-throwin’.

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