The Love Island relationship dilemma that seems all too familiar.

Yes, well.

Things have gotten a lil’ bit serious in the villa of beautiful/dense people.

You see, on Wednesday night’s episode of Love Island, Eden and Erin spent some quality time mispronouncing tapas and smelling cucumbers and what not.

They also discussed their feelings and the possibility of being together once they leave the sex villa.

It all seemed a bit too nice and, erm, fast, so Sophie Monk devised a game for the contestants called “Truth Bike” to add some much needed drama to the episode.

Basically they had to ride on a stationary bike while answering a bunch of personal questions from the other contestants in the sex villa.

They had to ding the bell on the bike for yes and honk the, erm, honker for no.

Yes, the bike wasn’t strictly necessary but they got to say honk a lot… so there’s that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Anywho, when it came to Eden’s turn, one of the contestants asked him whether he would move to Melbourne for Erin.

He said… no.

“You know I can’t,” he said while honking the horn on the unnecessary bike.

Then it was Erin’s turn.

One of the contestants asked her whether she would move to Sydney for Eden and she replied “Yes”… and dinged the bell, of course.

Eden then told the camera that he sees Erin “moving to Sydney” and them “having a nice life together”.

Um… OK.

It all seems very presumptuous for a relationship based on banter and giant inflatable flamingos but OK.

Sure, Eden might have reasons as to why he can’t relocate to Melbourne, but he seemed almost dismissive of Erin’s choices.

It felt… weird. And old fashioned. And weird.

During the honking bike of truth game, we also learnt that Tayla would say yes if Grant proposed at the end of the series.

Yep, and we’re only on episode nine.

Have you ever felt pressure to move interstate for your partner, knowing they wouldn’t do the same for you? Tell us in the comments below.