This video turns the anti-marriage equality argument on its head.

Ashley is a teenage girl who was born and raised in the stereotypical idealised western family. She lives in a two-storey home, on a nice street (complete with quaint garden and white picket fence), goes to a good school and has grown up wanting for nothing.

But Ashley has never fitted in. She has never felt like she belonged. She has always known we was different.

She knows she will never grow up to live the happy, contented and loving life of her two mums, her two grandpas and her two uncles. Why? Because Ashley is straight.

Welcome to a world imagined by a group of film makers. A world imagined where gay is straight and straight is gay. A world where teenage Ashley is subjected to a torrent of physical and verbal abuse – all because she can’t help but have a crush on a boy at school.

Take a look:

The film is called “Love is all you need?” and you can find out more about the amazing group of people behind its creation on their website here.