We now know the fate of Hugh Grant's character in Love Actually.

“I did have an awful premonition that I was going to f**k upon the first day… Oh, piss it.”

It was the adorably awkward first meeting of David, the newly elected British Prime Minister, and his house staffer, Natalie, in the 2003 romantic comedy Love Actually. 

This is news worth dancing about. (Image: Universal)

Now, a sequel-of-sorts is being filmed for this year's Red Nose Day charity telethon, and behind-the-scenes pictures show David, played by Hugh Grant, and Natalie, Martine McCutcheon, are still together.


"Our PM is still married and she's still lovely," Emma Freud, Love Actually's script writer and wife of director Richard Curtis, posted to Twitter early on Sunday.

Back in 2003, the spark between David and Natalie was irresistible.

Despite all odds - the controversy and paparazzi and the harsh spotlight attached to David's running the country - the pair finally got together at the end of the film. They shared their first kiss on the stage of a primary school's Christmas show because... well, because Love Actually.


Fourteen years later, their wedding has come and gone, and the pair are still together:

Also, David is Prime Minister... still?

If David's consistently been in office these past 14 years, it wouldn't make him the longest serving Prime Minister of the UK... but he wouldn't be far off.

Or maybe he's been reelected after a hiatus in the middle — it's not entirely clear from this Tweet:


What does seem clear is that David will deliver another political speech, hopefully targeting Donald Trump this time around.

Meanwhile, in other characters' lives, Liam Neeson's Daniel is back with his once-adorable stepson Sam, now an all-grown-up-and-still-adorable Thomas Brodie-Sangster.


And - most heart-breakingly - the storyline between Emma Thompson's character Karen and her husband Harry, played by Alan Rickman, won't be revisited.

Thompson said it would be "too sad" following Rickman's recent death.

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