Former Bachelor contestant, Louise Pillidge, has launched a lifestyle blog - and it's glorious.

Move over, every other lifestyle blogger.

Louise Pillidge, self-proclaimed “Lifestyle Guru” and girlfriend of The Bachelor’s Blake Garvey, has started a lifestyle blog.

A glorious, glorious lifestyle blog full of important information for women.

Here she is making some delicious, easy treats.

27-year-old Louise, former Brisbane event planner, launched on Tuesday night – and it was so popular, it promptly crashed.

Luckily for us, it’s back up and running, covering all the usual things women concern themselves with day-to-day: picnics, dinner parties, weddings and the preparation of elaborate gourmet meals.

On the site, you can peruse Louise’s most popular recipes, get tips for planning events and throwing parties, and generally immerse yourself in “all things lovely and real for the everyday woman.”

Just hanging out, doing all things real for the everyday woman.

Between all the cooking, home-decorating and getting married that accompanies being female, it can hard to find a spare moment to peruse lifestyle blogs – so we’ve compiled a list of Louise’s best lifestyle tips for you.

Louise’s best advice:

On eating out: “Don’t ever feel that you have to finish your meal … you can do as I do, and ask your partner to finish the rest for you.”

On planning a picnic: “Set up your rug under a tree to give you shade if it is a hot day. Locate bathroom facilities.”

On planning a wedding: “Hire a Wedding stylist / decorator to set up tables, decorations, move furniture etc…never ask a friend because feelings may get hurt or sometimes under pressure people say & do things they don’t mean.”

On planning a dinner party: “Make sure you have an empty dishwasher to make the clean-up easier and avoid your guests feeling they need to help.”

On “getting your partner into the kitchen”: “Always make sure to praise him for the amazing meal he helped to make, because as us women know, man’s ego can always use a little attention!”

She really is “paving the way in Food, Fashion and the Celebration of Life.”

Click through the gallery below for more pics of Louise. 

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