This is an awkward story about sex. And high density living.

Here’s the thing about apartment living: You can pretty much hear everything that’s going on around you. As in ‘everything‘ WINK WINK.

In case you missed that, the WINK WINK means sex.

You can hear everyone having sex.

Everyone can you hear you having sex.

Basically, when you’re surrounded by other homes stacked like lego and the walls are very thin, everyone can hear everyone having all the sex all the time.

But what to do about it? Do you say something? Politely knock? Cover your ears and pray to Jesus? How about leaving a very strongly-worded (and obviously sexually frustrated) letter on the door of the moaning offenders?

That’s exactly what one angry neighbour did, and it started a bit of a ‘letter on the door’ war that’s since gone viral:

Here’s a close-up of the angry neighbour:

And here’s the response:

Yikes. (But is anyone else kind of hoping they end up together?)

So, have you ever had to write a loud sex letter? Or worse, have you ever received one?

How exactly do you handle a ‘loud sex situation’? Anyone got a better passive aggressive response?

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