Missing a hair tie or hundred? We may know where they are.

It’s a mystery that has plagued woman-kind for centuries probably. Now, we finally have an answer.

It’s a situation we all know too well.

A stray hair flutters into our eye and we instinctively reach into our pocket for a hair tie to solve the issue. Only, there’s none there, though you could’ve sworn there were at least two yesterday.

‘Not to worry’, you foolishly think, ‘there’s probably one in the packet in your bathroom’.


‘What about next to my bed?’


It is at this point you look hopelessly around and inevitably exclaim your anger at this cruel, cruel world.

Well now, the once unsolvable mystery of ‘what the f*** happened to all my hair ties’ has been solved, once and for all.

And the culprit is a sneaky, underhanded and inhuman being.

lost hair tie
Never trust a lab. Never. Source: Wikipedia.

According to The Cut, a vet in Pennsylvania recently saw a black lab called Tiki who was vomiting and had no appetite.

When the dog went into surgery, they found that the issues were stemming from a very healthy appetite for hair ties.

According to WTAE, the head vet technician, Emily Cottle said that in total they pulled out “Four rubber bands, a Band-Aid, eight pairs of underwear and 62 hair bands”

The lesson to learn here is to never, ever trust your dog. And maybe just keep your hair ties on a higher shelf (when you actually know where they are).

Where do you usually find that one lonely hair tie?

We can only assume the lab is feeling very bad about its behaviour, similar to these extremely guilty dogs.

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