Someone please tell Lorna Jane this is what a real fridge looks like.

It’s been a messy year for fitness queen Lorna Jane Clarkson, but you wouldn’t know it by looking in her fridge.

First off, Clarkson was slammed for posting a job advertisement asking applicants to provide their body measurements and now she is embroiled in lawsuit with a former employee who claims she was “fat-shamed” and bullied by staff in the Lorna Jane head office.

Last Sunday night she appeared on a special episode of 60 Minutes to try to turn things around, holding back tears as she attempted to articulate the chaos of her past few months.

It was a revealing interview and we found one insight from the episode particularly troubling.


lorna jane's fridge 1 720x547
JUST LOOK. Image via 60 Minutes.

Every super-food in Clarkson’s fridge was super-ordered, in neatly labelled and impeccably stacked tupperware containers and jars.

Type A’s eat your heart out.

lorna jane's fridge 2 720x547
Does that label say ‘Beauty’? Image via 60 Minutes.

Feeling intimidated inspired we decided to take a look inside the fridge of the Mamamia office in Melbourne, I mean, we’re an organised bunch of ladies, right?

This is what we found:

I mean each to their own, you don’t become head of a multi-million dollar fitness empire by being slovenly, but C’MON.

Actual real-life humans who eat out of their actual real-life fridges are bound to encounter the odd mouldy carrot… or five. Surely.

We decided to expand our sample, so we asked our Editor-in-Chief Jamila Rizvi to let us peer into freezer and it was much as we suspected.

A bit gross.

(Just a quick addendum: Jam added those post-it’s for the photo, they were not in her fridge).

So, in the name of solidarity and poorly conducted social research,  we call on you, the people of Australia, to show us your fridges.