Thanks to Taryn Brumfitt, Lorna Jane might be looking to introduce a larger size range.

After growing criticism over its limited sizing, activewear brand Lorna Jane looks to finally be addressing the debate – and it looks we might have body positive advocate Taryn Brumfitt to thank.

In a post shared on Facebook with its 1.2 million followers, the brand called for customers “to register your interest for sizes outside of the standard range.”

Just days ago, founder Lorna Jane Clarkson was pictured with Brumfitt at a screening of her documentary Embrace. It’s an appearance that attracted criticism from Brumfitt’s followers who accused Clarkson of being part of the problem.

The brand made headlines last month after people took to social media to complain about a lack of clothing larger than an XL, the equivalent to a size 16.

“We make the sizes that sell in our stores,” Clarkson told in response.

“Right now we have XS — XL and that’s because that’s what our customers want. If we were going to try a larger size we would sell them in a store that demanded larger sizes, but that hasn’t resulted in sales for us.”

Brumfitt also defended her recent meeting with Clarkson to her followers.

“My goal was to connect with Lorna and open up a conversation about Embrace, how women are feeling and what I think needs to be done to overcome this epidemic of body shaming and body loathing,” she wrote in a post yesterday.


Image: Instagram/@ljclarkson

"I would be an ineffective leader if I just comfortably positioned myself and my views in the safety of my community. We could spend the next 50 years talking amongst ourselves about positive body image and our dissatisfaction for the lack of diversity in retail shops, advertising and the media. And do you what the result would be – nothing!"


It seems like her meeting with Brumfitt really did give Clarkson food for thought, with a post on the brand's website explaining the change of direction.

"I am constantly searching for ways I can do better and feel it’s my responsibility to ensure Lorna Jane lives up to your expectations. We would love nothing more than for Lorna Jane to lead the industry in sizes outside of common fashion industry standards and we need your help and support to get there," Clarkson wrote in the post.

"I wholeheartedly embrace the Body Image Movement and what Taryn Brumfitt is doing to inspire women to love and embrace their bodies. This is completely aligned with my personal life philosophy and what the Lorna Jane brand has pioneered and embraced from the very beginning.

"When we all come together to support and inspire and love each other, nothing is impossible! Let’s change the industry together. Let’s EMBRACE."

Commenters were quick to share their experiences of shopping at Lorna Jane as a size 14 plus woman on the post - and it wasn't positive. (Post continues after gallery.)


"Sorry LJ. You lost me as a customer years ago. My size 14/16 and 6ft tall frame just doesn't fit comfortably into your XL most of the time. I got sick of trying to find things that fit me in your stores and feeling worse for it," wrote Kimberly Smith.

"'Health doesn't necessarily equal a size eight or 10. I do however hope that by viewing Embrace, it changes your view."

"By now you must realise your recent comments about larger women not wanting your product is in fact untrue. Your healthy living message is amazing, but is lost in what appears to be a profound ignorance that only 'haters' and people who don't support your brand are those who complain about the lack of diversity in your sizing range," added Carmen Wells.


Image: Facebook/Lorna Jane

"I actually fit into your sizes now, but would have loved to at a size 16 plus, and would have spent my money with you, had you in fact offered a range."

The company told Wells that the recent outrage was why they were making this announcement.

"In light of recent events we have decided that we'd like to address the discussion of expanding our size range and measure the demand - because if enough ladies want it, then maybe we can make it happen," Lorna Jane wrote in response.

"We want to be inclusive and not exclusive and want everyone to be inspired towards Active Living."

Mamamia reached out to Lorna Jane but the brand declined to comment.

With many people tiring of mainstream brands' refusal to cater for customers outside of "standard" sizes, savvy shoppers are looking elsewhere.

Lorna Jane's call for feedback is a step in the right direction - but if you want to see a change, you've got to get involved.

If you want to see larger sizes of activewear stocked by the brand, now is the time to speak out. Go to the website, register your interest and show your support for greater representation of sizes 14 plus.

Where one brand goes, others will soon follow.

Image: Instagram/@ljclarkson.

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