ROAD TEST: The cheapo, brightening clay mask that instantly became a top shelf favourite.

In the world of multi-masking, chemical peels and acid exfoliation , the tried and true, old-school clay mask has stood the test of time.

They’re detoxifying in that they draw out impurities, so there’s nothing like a masking session after a night on the wines, especially if you went to bed with your makeup still in tact.

C’est la vie.

Out of all the clay masks out there – of which there are hundreds, if not thousands, L’Oreal Skin Expert’s Pure Clay Glow Mask ($11.99) was an instant favourite of mine.

Review: L'Oreal Pure Clay Glow Mask
The best $11 you'll ever spend on skincare.

It's filled with finely milled apricot seeds (not microbeads) to exfoliate the skin while the clay detoxes and soaks up excess oil, sebum and bacteria, leaving you fresh-faced and glowing. It's just a bonus that the glass jar also makes a chic addition to your bathroom counter situation.

The application.

Review: L'Oreal Pure Clay Glow Mask
The goop...

Now onto the nitty gritty...

The product itself smells delightfully fresh, and it felt creamy and nourishing when applied. The added exfoliation from the apricot seeds was also a nice addition while I worked the mask all over my face.

For this reason it's better to apply the mask with your fingers as opposed to a brush - this way you don't miss out on the added scrub.

The waiting.

Cue: plodding around my room waiting for the mask to set.

The directions on the box recommended leaving it on for 10 to 15 minutes, and thus I took this as an excellent Instagram opportunity in the making.

The terracotta colour of the mask incidentally makes you look like Ross Geller post spray tan from that episode of Friends, or maybe a bit like Jarrod Woodgate four weeks into Bachelor in Paradise.


Review: L'Oreal Pure Clay Glow Mask
How many mississippis again?
Review: L'Oreal Pure Clay Glow Mask

The results.

At the end of the 15 minutes, although the mask had dried to the touch it didn't feel like it was pulling at my skin. You can also tell that it's set as the colour darkens over the 15 minute period.

Review: L'Oreal Pure Clay Glow Mask
The after: fresh faced and glowing.

After washing the mask off in circular motions - for a little bit more exfoliation - I was left with noticeably softer and clean-feeling skin. Despite the fact that clay masks are supposed to detox, my face didn't feel stripped and it didn't take four rounds with a hot face towel to scrub every bit of product off my face.

Overall, it was a win, and for the cost of a take-away lunch - it's currently on sale for $11.99, I would highly recommend getting it on your face. As skincare repentance after a big night, or just for overall better skin.

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