The Find: L'Oreal Lumi Magique Primer.

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It’s a cruel, cruel situation when you fall for a product with a price tag that makes your eyes water. Every time you run low, your credit card starts weeping in anticipation of it’s upcoming cameo at the beauty counter.

For me, that product was Chanel’s Le Blanc de Chanel Sheer Illuminating Base. I say this because as much as I swore nothing would ever compare to the lit-from-within effect it gave me, I was wrong.

Enter L’Oreal Lumi Magique Primer ($29.95). I was recently forced to cheat on my long term love with L’Oreal’s version after leaving my makeup bag at a friend’s house. “What have I got to lose?” I wondered.


Jacqui's new found love. Image: Supplied

Chanel markets it’s oil-free primer as “Magical, it instantly illuminates the complexion with a subtle halo of light and perfectly evens out the skin's texture.” And yeah, I have to agree. It does.

Just like Chanel though, Loreal’s primer promises luminous, healthy looking skin and boasts up to eight hours hydration.

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It can be used with or without foundation and can be dotted on the high points of the face to catch the light in a J-Lo kind of way. You can also blend it with your foundation to lighten it’s colour slightly (which is great for the winter months when your summer foundation isn’t quite right).

I kid you not, in a side-by-side comparison I could not tell the difference between the two products. Both are pearlescent white liquids with a gold sheen to them.


Compare the pair: (top) L'Oreal verus (bottom) Chanel. Image: Supplied.

If we’re being picky, Chanel’s formulation is slightly thicker than L'Oreal's but when rubbed into the skin, both give an identical velvety texture and illuminated finish.

Both products can be applied in the same way. You can use your fingers, brush or beauty blender. I personally prefer to use a large fluffy, synthetic powder brush because it doesn’t absorb too much product and applies quickly and evenly around the face.


Use your fingers or a beauty blender. Image: Supplied

Both of the primers allow your makeup to glide on smoothly and work to prolong it’s longevity. I didn’t note any significant differences when it came to my foundation's lifespan. Both the L'Oreal Lumi Magique and Chanel’s Le Blanc de Chanel wore well for about nine hours.

Another upside to the L'Oreal primer (besides the price tag) is it’s packaging.

Chanel’s primer comes packaged beautifully in a glass frosted bottle. It’s totally gorgeous and totally impractical for a klutz like me. It does come with an applicator which usually gets lost approximately two days after purchase.


It wears well for the whole nine hours. Image: Supplied


L'Oreal’s primer comes in a thin plastic bottle with a pump applicator which is not only easier to use but is much more hygienic. It’s also a lot more travel friendly.

Le Blanc de Chanel will set you back around $67 for a 30ml bottle. L'Oreal, by contrast, is $29.95 (and often on sale for under $20).

Sure, a little bottle with fancy French writing looks nice on your dresser but if you’re watching the pennies I’d highly recommend picking up a bottle of L'Oreal.

What's your favourite makeup dupe?