Looking for love? Here are four better ways to spend your time.

I’m not going to lie: finding love can be hard.

For some, it seems they roll out of bed, put on a pair of slippers and then WHOOPS find the person of their dreams.

For others? Looking for love feels like a long, hard slog.

woman looking through binoculars
Hello, love? Is that you I see in the distance? Image via iStock.

You may feel like you're ready to give up, adopt 1001 animals and attempt to watch every single thing ever uploaded to Netflix.


But you shouldn't stop believing your true love is out there and waiting.

You should just... sit back, relax, take your mind off looking for love and try these things instead.

Take a cooking class.

I know you're thinking this sounds like the start of a self-help book. But there's only one thing equal to love on the pleasure scale, and it's food.

You don't need to learn to cook to impress someone else. Learn to cook so you can spoil yourself with delicious meals.

Sauté and soufflé your way to food heaven by enrolling in a cuisine-specific course. Flambé your way to new friendships and a newfound appreciation of food.

This looks both fancy AND fun, don't you think? Image via iStock.

Join a book club and read the classics.

Seriously, why bother with real-life love when the only true, perfect love exists in Jane Austen novels?

Okay, so not really, but reading is a guaranteed way to get yourself out of a rut and expand your thinking and boundaries.

Getting lost in the pages of a classic, or even a modern favourite that your friends keep recommending and you haven't got around to reading yet, is a guaranteed way to while away hours on the weekend.

Young woman lying in bed and reading a book.
Who needs love when you have Mr. Darcy, amiright? Image via iStock.

If you're feeling adventurous, find a book club that only reads books of a genre you never thought you'd be interested in: vampire romances set in outer space?

Count us in.

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Go on a trip.

If trudging around your local city every weekend, trying to stomach your small soy mocha while watching loved-up couples canoodling over brunch is getting you down, you need to escape.

Get out of town. See the world. Even if it's just exploring another city for a few nights, or heading out on a bushwalk with friends on a long weekend, getting out of your everyday routine can do wonders for your perspective.

Travelling on your own and having to rely solely on your own sense of direction, good sense and company will make you fall in love... with the strong, independent person you are.

woman travel photography
Sick of seeing canoodling couples everywhere you look at home? It's time to get far away. Image via iStock.

Let someone else do the hard work for you.

Seriously, there's an app for that.

There are websites you can pay, people you can hire and friends you can lean on to help you find your perfect someone.

If meeting people at bars at 2am isn't leading to long-term love, ask a friend, colleague or even a family member to tee you up with a mutual eligible friend.

"I'm just here for the free food". Image via iStock.

The only effort you have to put in is showing up.

And if it all goes horribly wrong? At least you've got a recipe and a good book waiting for you at home.

Now that's true love.

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